Lock-down Is Giving The Planet A Breather!

The less we fly, and drive the more air pollution levels drop. And with a lot of humanity now stuck at home in lockdown, our planet is getting a bit of a breather. According to the European Environment Agency, Air pollution has fallen up to 56% from this time last year. "The EEA’s data show an accurate picture of the drop in air pollution, especially due to reduced traffic in cities." NASA recently released amazing satellite images showing the decrease of pollution in China. It shows how many regions in China are now much clearer of nitrogen dioxide.

Credit: NASA/ESA/Joshua Stevens

Similarly in Madrid, the average nitrogen dioxide levels went down by 41% compared to the same week in 2019. In Lisbon, average nitrogen dioxide levels went down by 51% compared to the same week in 2019. In Rome, average Nitrogen dioxide levels went down by 26-35% over 4 weeks compared to the same 4 weeks in 2019. Those are some massive changes.

Due to the decrease in air pollution, you can see the night skies lit up with stars better now than ever before. All you need is a dark location preferably away from any light sources, the Curragh is a good place to see them. If you are a photographer you can get some pretty cool shots. You could go star trails, shots of the Milkyway you can get so many cool shots.

Credit to:BBC


The results of the lockdown are good too, the reduction in air pollution is great for everybody's health and will help put an urgency on climate change and global warming policies. It shows us how much we can change our ways and the difference it will make on the environment. If we continue using wind and solar energy for global electricity sources we could make a huge difference in our environment.

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